Stay on trend with your direct mail in 2018

As of the last ‘full year’ stats in 2016, Direct Mail continues to blaze a trail in direct marketing and leads the way in terms of ROI. In fact, a study on Direct Mail carried out by InfoTrends served up the following results:

  • 66% of Direct Mail is opened
  • 62% of consumers who responded to Direct Mail in the past 3 months went on to make a purchase
  • 82% of Direct Mail is read for 1 minute or more
  • 84% stated that personalisation made them more likely to open a Direct Mail piece
  • 56% of consumers who responded to Direct Mail went online or visited the physical shop

With those kind of numbers, it’s abundantly clear that Direct Mail should be at the forefront of your marketing activities. That’s not to say other channels can’t or won’t bring you success, a diverse and structured marketing mix will always be fundamental to engaging with your existing and potential customer base, but it poses the question: Are you doing enough Direct Mail?

Since the turn of the millennium, we’ve seen many changes in the way Direct Mail is executed and delivered. From ‘blanket coverage’ to everyone and anyone, to the uber-targeted mail pieces that analyse customer data to the Nth degree. Despite the constantly evolving landscape, Direct Mail remains a fantastic marketing channel.

If you’re not seeing the kind of response rates listed above, perhaps it’s time to re-invigorate your DM efforts with some of the below techniques:

  1. Harness the power of print… Whilst we live in a continually increasing digital age, the printed form is ever present and thriving. When comparing digital ad’s to high quality digital print, a 2016 survey found that consumer recall is 70% higher when absorbing information from a printed format. With this considered; brochure, booklet and postcard items are a tried and tested marketing strategy if you’re looking to make a lasting impression on your prospects and customers.
  2. Dimensional Mail… Postcards, booklets, envelopes; all still have a place in the mix and garner successful results. An effective alternative to these staple favourites however are items that have dimensions, things such as tubes, boxes or bulkier items. In terms of grabbing attention alone, such pieces are known to have a higher response rate. Of course, there’s a price to pay for this individuality and that manifests itself as a much costlier production process so you’ll need to factor this into your budget.
  3. Keep it personal… One of the contributing factors to Direct Mail’s continuing success is the fact that it’s personal. Customers are instantly grabbed by a personalised message and this hugely increases your chances of having your information or promotion absorbed. Identifying trends in your customer database can help to pinpoint significant purchase behaviours or patterns which can be used to target customers when promoting related items.
  4. PURLS and QR Codes… These are an easy way to help the consumer make the journey from offline to online. By simply using a mobile or tablet/PC, you can create a pathway to personalised and unique landing pages, meaning each person is driven to content personal to them. You can then perpetually amend the content as and when is necessary, meaning consumers can constantly come back for more.
  5. Fold and Fold and Fold again… Re-invigorate more conventional mailing pieces by adding a fold or 2, or 6! Whilst a conventional piece encourages touch, a multi-faceted, multi-folded piece allows the consumer to manipulate the item, instantly rendering it more interactive. By facilitating that more engaging relationship with the piece, you allow the consumer to explore each fold and page with an increasing sense of curiosity. The longer it stays in their hands, the more lasting the impression.

When plotting any new direct mail campaign, remember the fundamental rules apply. Make sure you have a good list with well-maintained and up to date data, a good design that best encapsulates your message and a solid call to action.

With each passing day we’re seeing digital advances and innovations that lead to a reduction in clutter in letterboxes all over the UK and beyond. This creates an opportunity that Direct Mail is best placed to capitalise on, allowing you to have one on one interaction with your customer base and prospects in a personalised manner that some other channels struggle to achieve.

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