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In these challenging times we wanted to share some simple marketing techniques which will increase your exposure, visibility and hopefully bring in some business.

Firstly, it is to keep a record of the different activities and mediums you use – you may find the attached download helpful:

As the ‘old adage’ goes ‘what gets measured, gets done’, so it’s important to monitor progress:

Each section has its own tips and tricks , all that you can do inhouse and are free of charge

We will include SEO tips and tricks, how to increase your linked in exposure, impactful direct mail along with how to compliment inbound marketing with the more traditional outbound methods.

Any marketing starts with objectives and requirements or simply who are we targeting, what is your market ? – much can be gleaned from your existing customer profile, but if you market Business to Business we have an API link with all the company data in the country and would be happy to give you an idea of the market size and potential.

We, like a lot of company’s, are increasing our marketing in preparation for the forthcoming months ahead and we’d be happy to try and help you out where we can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog piece on measuring your marketing efforts, if you would like to talk to us about your own marketing campaigns, please call our office number on 01189 474 888 or email us at

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